At long last, KONM is back – and for real this time!

Around this time last year, KONM launched to great fanfare in KONM Towers and to almost zero fanfare everywhere else. This is roughly what KONM expected, so there were no hard feelings towards the universe for being largely uninterested.

Things went well for a while, but then something happened: KONM started to get quite good at cycling. Races were entered and, eventually, races were won (more on that here).

As the training ramped up, spare time sauntered off to that unknown place where only lost spare time can exist – or rather, have once existed. KONM’s productivity dried up.

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Now, KONM is back for another go. And this time, it’s serious. The blog has been redesigned and, crucially, simplified. Part of the problem with KONM Mk I was a surfeit of ambition and not enough daylight hours to fulfil it.

So, things are more straight-forward now. The suitably pretentiously titled L’amateur will detail KONM’s efforts to forge a path on the Irish domestic road-racing scene.

Peloton will focus on the professional, er, peloton (hey, please don’t sue us, Peloton Interactive, Inc. – you didn’t actually invent the word), while Two Minute Reads will do exactly what it says on the tin.

If this is your maiden voyage on KONM, it’s worth having a quick read of the “Mission Statement” (scroll down). More importantly, here’s hoping you enjoy what you find here over the coming weeks, months and, touch wood, years.


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  • At times, KONM will be a blog about how terrible – really atrociously terrible – I am at cycling.
  • At times, it will be a blog about how good other people are at cycling, especially the select crew of lunatics who do it for money.
  • At times, it will be a descent into the more pretentious realms of cyclo-lit. You know the kind of thing: dreamy, thousand-word ‘portraits’ about the existential terror of climbing hills that so many cyclists love to read.
  • At times, it will be nonsensical drivel about one man’s obsession with a spreadsheet-based computer game.
  • At times, it will be good.
  • At times, it will be bad.

But whatever the topic or the level of #content being churned out at any given moment, KONM will be a blog about cycling that doesn’t try to flog you a €6,000 groupset in the middle of an article about a stage of the Tour Down Under.

That’s about the only guarantee I can make about this site. I hope I won’t be the only one who enjoys reading it.