Best cycling podcasts: A selection of KONM’s favourite audio shows

I don’t know about you, but I can’t get through a day without a podcast playlist. Maybe it’s just my catastrophic attention span but mundane household tasks, travelling, training or working all seem far more enjoyable in the company of a familiar pod.

And, since this is a cycling blog, I decided it’s only logical to cobble together a selection of my favourite cycling podcasts. Rocket science, right?

It’s important to say at this point that these are personal choices. The podcasts included here are ones I subscribe to and consume on a regular basis. You may hate some of them, you may love some of them; that’s the beauty of everyone being allowed to have an opinion.

I would also add that the order of the day here is road cycling; there are many other podcasts out there focused on cyclocross, gravel, tech, etc., but this list is aimed purely at the asphalt.

A final disclaimer is that this is not intended to be an exhaustive list – there is a wide range of more diverse and varied voices to be found. I emphasise again that these are simply podcasts I personally enjoy.

They are not ranked in any particular order.

The Cycling Podcast

Richard Moore, Lionel Birnie and Daniel Friebe 

Twitter | Podfollow

An obvious one to start with. If you’re visiting a niche blog such as KONM, it’s likely you already listen to The Cycling Podcast at least semi-regularly.

It’s fair to say this one sets the standard for pods focused on road cycling. The Cycling Podcast has got it all: consistency, charismatic presenters and contributors, well-researched features and a balanced outlook – all wrapped up in a slick package.

They do live shows. They have premium memberships. They cover grand tours from the ground. What more do you need to know?

If you like cycling and you like podcasts, and you don’t subscribe to The Cycling Podcast, you’re doing it wrong.

The Slow Ride Podcast

Matt Allen, Tim Hayes, Spencer Haugh

Stitcher | Twitter | Tumblr

A podcast by people who love cycling so much they hate it.

The Slow Ride is probably my personal favourite, the pod I most look forward to seeing auto-download each week. Don’t expect a slick operation like TCP, but do expect honest, forthright and – every now and then – insightful talk across all disciplines of cycling, albeit much of the chat is focused on the sport’s ephemera rather than the actual racing. This is a good thing.

What makes this pod great is partly the relationship between the three hosts, but also the fact they don’t treat cycling with the cloying sincerity that some others do. An ideal listen for those searching for something a bit more irreverent. Not just for roadies either.

Ask A Cycling Coach

Trainerroad; Jon, Nate, Chad, Amber, Pete and more

Twitter | YouTube

If you’re interested in detailed training and racing tips, this is the one for you.

The team manage to pull off the rare feat of putting together an interesting coaching podcast (and YouTube show) without draining the life out of everyone listening or watching. Sure, there are times when you’ll find yourself tuning out as they go deep on mitochondria genomes or whatever, but it’s very hard to provide in-depth analysis and research on training without occasionally drifting into the realms of wonkishness.

And yet, the Ask A Cycling Coach regulars contrive to remain fun, self-effacing and relevant. Very helpful for those among you who race, or who just wish to generally improve their own cycling performance.

Life In The Peloton

Mitch Docker


Now primarily under The Cycling Podcast umbrella, Life In The Peloton is run by pro cyclist Mitch Docker, currently of the EF Education First team.

It’s a simple premise: Mitch just grabs hold of a fellow pro (or team doctor, soigneur, directeur sportif) and talks to them until they’ve nothing left to say. But it works really well.

Mitch is an intriguing character and gets great stuff out of his guests, who are often genuinely big names from the pro peloton. Usually recorded in a hotel room somewhere on the WorldTour circuit, LITP has an informality and authenticity that set it apart from other interview-based pods.

It still has its own feed focused on the Talking Luft feature, but regular Pelo episodes are also auto-downloaded via The Cycling Podcast feed.

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Lanterne Rouge Podcast

Lanterne Rouge and Benji Naesen

Twitter | Anchor

The LR podcast is a spin-off of the well-known Lanterne Rouge YouTube channel, run by the eponymous Aussie lantern alongside his Belgian co-host Benji Naesen.

As you might expect if you already knew LR, race recaps, analysis and previews are to the fore in this one, which is definitely a pod for listeners whose interests are mainly in the road racing sphere. I’ve only recently subscribed to the show – its debut episode was just over a month ago – but so far it holds its own as an outlet for more serious racing fans.

This is probably one to swerve if you’re not a fairly straight-down-the-line roadie (and I can’t emphasise enough that this is meant in a positive sense). But if that’s exactly what you are, then give it a shot.

The Bradley Wiggins Show

Eurosport; Bradley Wiggins, Graham Willgoss


I should probably state up front that I am not a huge fan of Bradley Wiggins. However, I will counter that immediately by saying that I have warmed to him since subscribing to the show, as is only natural once you begin to scratch beneath the surface of those, like Wiggins, whose public and private personas may be quite different.

The pod is under the auspices of Eurosport, so it’s smartly produced and slickly presented by Graham Willgoss, who manages Wiggo well. Episodes often feature Eurosport contributors like Brian Smith, Orla Chennaoui and Philippa York (a recent ep with York was truly excellent listening), and can swing between straight race analysis to meanders through Wiggins’ career and personal life.

This show is particularly good when Wiggins reveals more about himself, but is usually a strong production regardless of the subject matter.

Honourable Mentions

Velocast – An entertaining pod run by John Galloway, Velocast has long been one of my go-to places for cycling audio.

The Packfiller Podcast – I have only come to the Packfiller pod recently and haven’t regretted subscribing. Mainly US-centric, though with an obvious Euro-fondness, it’s light-hearted, fun and doesn’t gate-keep.

The Rouleur Podcast – Run by Rouleur magazine. The Longreads and Conversations pods can be very interesting. It’s not among my top tier of favourite shows, personally, but don’t let that prevent you from subscribing to what is a very good feed.

The Cycling News Podcast – I’m actually a big fan of this pod, which mostly covers road racing news. But it loses points as it’s not as regular as one might like and can occasionally seem like an afterthought rather than a genuine passion project.

Re-Cycle: The cycling history podcast – There aren’t many pods out there that cover cycling history, and this is the best of them. Another Eurosport production, it features Graham Willgoss narrating stories written by Felix Lowe. I think a change to a slightly livelier format would improve this very good show.

VeloNews Podcasts – The only reason this podcast didn’t make my top tier is that it can be US-centric (which, of course, is completely understandable for a US-based news service!). The hosts and contributors are excellent. It’s always worth a listen.

Cyclingtips – Another informative and insightful podcast feed that’s well worth your time. I’m a long-time listener and could easily have put this in my top tier.

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  1. My main ones these days are The Cycling Podcast and Lanterne Rouge because of their daily updates during Grand Tours. I also like Fast Talk which dives into that mitochondrial genome discussion with less emphasis on coaching strategies.

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